How to Dress Classy And Look Good on Budget!

How to Dress Classy

Do you also wonder sometimes that everything you have in your wardrobe is full of last years trendy clothes? Or that you dont even have any new clothes to wear for that instagram photoshoot? Or that how can you actually find the secret of fashion bloggers sophisticated and classy style? Well, if these are some of the type of questions that bothers you a lot when you are alone in your home, and you want a solution for, then dont worry you are on the right page. Here I will walk you through some of the great styling tips that would help you change your wardrobe style from trendy to classy and timeless in no minute.

Classy styling is timeless: 

Before I walk you through some of the ins and outs of classy dressing, let me just provide you with some basic insides on why you should be dressing classy. 

First thing first, classy styling is something which you could still wear even after 10 or 20 years down the line. This type of fashion is classic and it is timeless. It will never go out of fashion and thats the truth. For e.g. Buying a navy blazer or a black coloured platform heels will still be wearable and in fashion even after ten years from now.  

The fact is you are not spending a lot of money on items that goes away by seasons. Instead, you are investing it on clothings that makes you look fashionable, chic, sophisticated and elegant. So, if you are ready to gain that classier look, then without further ado, lets get started. 

Know Your Style: 

One of the basic steps that each one of us lacks is we dont focus more on what we like and what our style is all about. We always follow what is in the magazine and instagram that is trending. We never look at the factor what we like and what we think we are comfortable in wearing. 

Knowing your personal style is something which you just have to work on, recognize it, understand it and then get into a practice of living with it. It helps in projecting your personal interests, style and personality as a whole. 

When you find your personal style you know its going to look amazing on you and thus that self-confidence boosts up when you leave the house. Whether you prefer minimalism, street style, high end fashion or bohemian, you still be able to pop up the styling game when the right time calls for it. 

The Basic Factors of Dressing Classy: 

1) Wear Classic Fabrics:

To be classy you need to invest in items that are made from classic fabrics like wool, cotton, silk and linen. These are the four basic fabrics that will never go out of style. It will stay for decades and decades to come. But these fabrics only last longer when you take proper care of it. Proper maintenance like cleaning and pressing of the outfits made from these fabrics will give you a proper sleek and polished look.  
But remember to always read the labels before you give it away for cleaning. A label always provides information regarding the guidelines on the washing technique, so make an effort to follow those directions carefully. 

2)The Fit Is The Key For Classy Dressing: 

Generally, a sophisticated and classy clothing line is basically tailored and well-fitted, i.e. Not too tight and not too loose on your body, just the right fitting that shows off the figure. A Crisp button-down shirt which is clean, well-fitted and pressed with a pencil skirt that is just an inch below or above your knee is a good example of a classy dressing. 

Some of the examples of a classic outfit can be: 

A Classic Trousers that are straight and slightly wide with just half an inch above the floor. High-Waisted Cullotes or a wide-leg pants. Skin tight pants made from the four classic fabrics and a Blazer, sweaters and blouses that fit you properly are all great for giving that classy and sophisticated vibe.  

3) Invest In Neutrals: 

If this is your first time starting on your classy dressing, then I think you should start investing in more neutral colours than vibrant colours. A neutral colour like white, beige, grey, black, navy, tan or camel are all good shades for building your wardrobe. 
Now that you have invested in neutrals, its time to mix and match the items. Dont be afraid to experiment with your style. If you like mixing black pants with navy shirt, then go ahead and try it out. Being classy is all about confidence and elegance while dressing. Although, before black and navy was a big fashion no no for some, now it has changed. Infact to, me black with navy looks more elegant than anything else in the world. 

4) Never Try To Overexpose: 

Classy dressing is all about modesty. An outfit that shows less skin is what considers to be sophisticated and elegant in this type of dressing. No distressed jeans, mini skirts or crop tops can fit into classy dressing. 
T-shirts and blouses with collared, mock neck, V-neck, crew neck and boat neck are what comes in first priority while dressing classy. But in this trendy world, a square, cowl, high neck and scoop necks are also acceptable. 

5) Delicate jewellery: 

Delicate one-two layered jewellery is the best way to show the classy vibe. Here are some of the tips that can help you provide information on what kind of jewellery to wear in order to be classy: 

Neck Piece: One or two Layered short or long chain, long pendants, Pearls, simple diamond chain.

Earrings: A diamond or pearl studs, platinum or gold ear threads. 

Bracelet: Simple and delicate bangles like Cartier love bracelet 

Ring: Stick to those thin bands that is simple to look at. Dont go overboard with big rings that covers your one entire finger. An eternity ring is a good example of simple rings. 

6) Keep A Neat Mani: 

For classy dressing, one of the most important thing is to maintain your nails in a good shape. A good and nice trimmed nails with or without nail polish shows off sophistication and elegance in your outfit. Trust me, even though its something which gets hidden away most of the time, still it plays an important role in your outfit. 
Therefore, indulge in a habit of getting your nails done at home or in a salon every twice a month. This not only helps you maintain the shape, but it also helps you with keeping your nails hygienic. 


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